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The PUMA Wild Rider Rollin with Antony Matheus dos Santos.

So how do you capture a Wild rider off the pitch? We decided to invite Jasper Faber to the party. This seasoned photographer has worked with many great athletes before and it was only right to let him portray Antony the way only he can. Scroll down to read the interview with Antony alongside the great pictures made by Jasper Faber.

How would you describe your fashion style? 

“I really like fashion! I like to understand all types of styles and to create my own. For instance I really do my research: what to wear, which pieces to combine. I try not to get stuck in just one style, I look for styles that I can identify with and make it my own.”

How does clothing and shoes help express yourself?

“Fashion is a style, a concept, a way of looking at life. It says a lot about you as a person, for example what you went through and what you’re feeling. I like to dress well and I have my preferences but never without forgetting my roots, my essence. That’s a really big part of my identity”

What do you think about the new PUMA Wild Rider?

“I really like it! It’s very comfortable and very beautiful. I believe it matches my style, the type of model I like to wear.”

What do you think about the city and people in Amsterdam? 

“I really like Amsterdam! I still haven’t been able to visit many places due to the pandemic, but I’ve already been able to go around the city and get to know some places. It has been very pleasant to live in the Netherlands, I enjoy it a lot!”

What are the biggest differences between São Paulo and Amsterdam street culture?

“There are a lot of differences: the lifestyle, the cultural part, the food, the climate. But little by little me and my family are adapting and adjusting to the way of the Dutch, of the European style of living. Brazilian is more warm, here they are more serious.”

Do you see any differences of how the youth in Amsterdam and Brazil lives and behaves? 

“I see many cultural and social differences, mainly because I came from a slum which does not exist in Amsterdam. But if you look closely at the behavior related to football, they are all the same! In Amsterdam they’re just as passionate about the sport, their team and the elderly!”

How do you feel being an example for the youth of Amsterdam and Brazil?

“It is a lot of responsibility to be an inspiration for young people because I remember how much some people inspired me and were important to me for what they were doing. I have humble origins and I always try to remember where I came from and how thankful I am to God for being where I am. That is why I always like to share my stories with young people and show them that everything is possible, that every dream is achievable!”

What is your favorite place in Amsterdam, where do you feel most inspired?

“Sadly I haven’t seen much of Amsterdam yet because of the pandemic, but I really like the parks! I like to take my son to play and to stroll alongside the canals, it looks very different from what I’m used to”

What is your favorite place in São Paulo, where do you feel most inspired?

“The place that inspires me the most in São Paulo is the place where I was born, the neighborhood, because that is where my roots are, where I come from, what I am. It’s a big part of my identity. We can never lose our essence and it reminds me of everything my family and I have been through to get here.”

Do you feel inspired and do you have what it takes to become a Wild Rider? Shop the PUMA Wild Rider Rollin’ collection now!


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