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“The Chunky 90’s”

To come back to the “dad shoe” trend, these shouldn’t miss daylight. Whether they’re in some ways feminine or just as tall as high heels; still these are named “dad shoe”. We don’t have a “real” and legit answer but as far as we know; the “dad shoe” comes from the 80’s/90s. These chunky sneakers offer a nostalgic vibe, paying homage to the 90s, these products are not only aesthetically bold but also ensure comfort for wearers – same as “dad shoes”.

This time we’re about to highlight the chunky ones of this on going trend. The era of “clean” has played a big part in the lives of the global sneakerhead – carrying a deeper meaning than just noticing it was free from dirt. This word became a go-to way to compliment the kicks. But this “cleanness” is nowhere to be found now this new trend has emerged.

This chunky trend is not from this era, it made its way back to nowadays civilization. Whether this sneaker is a combination of multiple inspirations to create a hybrid model or a model from many years back re-designed – both ways are fully accepted with their unconventional and even “ugly” statement. The word “clean” no longer seems a fitting adjective for unconventional, chunky and even styles that are subjectively considered ugly.

Whether its chunky or a “dad shoe”, its definitely a combination of both. Adidas hit it off with the Raf Simons Ozweego but also managed to capture hearts with the Yeezy Wave Runner 700. Even Nike brings its own bulky shoes to the party so here we lined up a few.

Puma Thunder Spectra
Puma also participates in this trendy look with the ‘Thunder Spectra’ sneaker. Inspired by the 90s designs and the collaboration with Alexander Mcqueen, the ‘Thunder Spectra’ has arisen. The sneakers have a thick midsole that gives you the 90s feel back.

Adidas Falcon
This silhouette ticks off all aspects of “retro” with inspiration takes from the original Falcon Dorf from the 90’s, which is now the Yung-1. The layers of different materials show a chunky aesthetic and a complete new “dad shoe” vibe.

Nike M2K Tekno
The M2K Tekno is a Nike Monarch II-inspired silhouette – repurposes the Dadcore icon with a distinct fashion focused aesthetic. The rework sneaker adds to the shape of the original with more cutouts and additional panels of elevated materials.

Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow RGS
The HTS74 collection is a two-dimensional collection, in which 43 years of experience with performance technology is combined with the original brand’s quintessential 1980’s and 1990’s fantastic upper patterns. Not positioned as another retro-brand, HTS74 assures to present modern and functional trainers.


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