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Sneakers made from pineapples!?

Meet the Nike Air Max 90 LX Coconut Milk/Metallic Gold-Green Glow ‘Happy Pineapple’.

Really? From pineapples!?

That might sound crazy and far-fetched but yes it’s true! The Nike Air Max 90 Coconut Milk/Metallic Gold-Green Glow (also known as the Nike Air Max 90 Happy Pineapple) is partially made out of pineapples! No, no worries, not from the juicy, sweet and vitamin C packed fruits inside the pineapple we all love and enjoy but it’s made from the leftover leaves of the pineapple plant that are a by-product of existing pineapple harvest. These leaves are used to make a textile that can be used for all sorts of products including the fabric needed for sneakers.

Let’s get technical

This natural, durable, sustainable and animal friendly fabric is called Piñatex and is made by the company Ananas Anam. They make Piñatex by collecting left behind plant leaves after pineapple harvest: they bundle the leaves and extract the long fibers inside the leaves using machines. The long fibers are washed and dried under the sun or in ovens when it’s monsoon (rainy season) to create a pineapple leaf fibre called: PALF. This PALF fibre is then mixed with a corn based polylactic acid (PLA) and is mechanically processed to create Piñafelt, which is the base of alle Piñatex products.

Move to zero

Although Nike isn’t the first and only one to use Piñatex it definitely suits the new way Nike is thinking. With their ongoing Move To Zero endeavors Nike strives to go to a CO2-neutral and waste-free production proces to secure the future of sports. Using Piñatex on a popular style like Nike Air Max 90 shows they really mean business. Nike is not only making it accessible to buy sneakers that are natural, sustainable and animal-friendly but also makes it very easy: it’s in no way more expensive than a regular Nike Air Max 90 and sustainable sneakers never looked this good! In the end it’s really the customer that’s picking the fruits of Nike’s labor!

This durable, sustainable and animal-friendly Nike Air Max 90 with it’s mouthwatering Happy Pineapple colorway is available now at Sneaker District! By the way: have you seen the embroidered ‘94430’ on the left mudguard? Apparently it’s a common supermarket code for pineapple! Nice touch right?


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