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Reebok Club C Revenge Legacy: Your Time. Your Legacy. Part II

The Reebok Club C Revenge Legacy derives from a classic without a doubt. Reebok simply added some drip to an iconic sneaker to speak to a whole new generation.

A recipe that Kip ‘N Drip knows everything about: they serve classic dishes and add their own drip/signature to take it to the next level. The Kip ‘N Drip Team chases their legacy: bringing juicy, saucy and drippy chicken dreams to everybody, all while they still juggle their full time jobs. We reached out to Kip ‘N Drip to let them tell their sto- ry about the Reebok Club C Revenge Legacy, working on their own legacy while still having full time jobs, how they still find room for quality time with their loved ones and of course to try some of their juicy, saucy and drippy chicken!

• What is your opinion on the Reebok Club Legacy?

We have such great memories of the Reebok Club C from back in the days. It’s so clean and the silhouette works with everything you throw at it. It really is a staple! Classics never die and It is great to see Reebok giving this classic a modern upgrade so it’s ready for a new generation.

• How does the Reebok Club C Revenge Legacy inspire you?

The Club C Revenge Legacy is inspiring to us because in a way the Reebok Club C Revenge Legacy works the same as Kip N Drip. Our story is told through our selection of classic dishes and we always try to apply our signature style before we add a dish to the menu. To put it simple: we serve classic dishes but we add a surprise effect: the drip. Reebok does the same, the Club C Revenge is a classic and the Club C Revenge Lega- cy is where they added the drip.

• Tell us a bit about yourselves and what do you guys do and how did you started?

We are Kip ‘n Drip, three friends who grew really close since the winter of 2019. We founded Kip ’n Drip at the start of the pandemic in 2020. We all had done some person- al projects with food before so we reached out to each other to share some cool ideas. The first evening we got together we came up with the Kip ’N Drip concept. Kip means chicken in Dutch and drip actually has two meanings: 1. Is the sauce 2. Slang for our sense of style in fashion.

Since we all have a passion for food and fashion it was only right to go with Kip ’N Drip as a name. We wanted to start with a food truck but when the pandemic hit this idea was postponed. So it was back to the drawing board. We really liked the Kip ’N Drip concept so we thought we just have to start somewhere and decided to cook meals from home and spread good vibes in these hard times. The demand quickly grew and look where it brought us?

The thing that triggered us to start a food concept is a simple answer ‘home’: our love for food started in the kitchen of our homes. Who doesn’t love the vibe at home with birthdays and get-togethers where the whole table is filled with good soul food and it’s all laughter and joy? There is always enough for everybody and everyone is welcome. With Kip ‘n Drip we want to recreate that same vibe. A table filled with good food and good people. A loving community where everybody is welcome join in. So take a seat at our table and enjoy!

• Walk us through an average day in your life.

Haha that’s a difficult one. it really depends on which day of the week because every day is different. We all have full time jobs and every rare spare moment we have we try and work on Kip ’N Drip. Usually we spend our days trying to come up with new ideas, looking for inspiration, try lots of food and hangout with friends and family. We’re always building new relationships and try and grow our community.

• How do you guys juggle between working full time, pushing Kip ’N Drip and other aspects of life like friends/family/relationships. How do you keep balance between all these aspects of life? And what do you do to recharge yourselves?
Planning ahead and a lot of preps is what works for us. The first blow is half the battle! The love we get back from our community also plays a major part in keeping the bal- ance. It’s really heartening to get back all those positive vibes and to see that everyone around us wants to help out where needed. Love radiates energy and it really fuels our Kip ’N Drip dream. To play it simple: we love cooking, it’s almost like meditation for us, so when we see people enjoy our food we get back so much love and energy, it doesn’t feel like work.

• Where do you see yourselves in 5-10 years? How has your legacy progressed?

The way we connect is sharing our passion by cooking. In 5-10 years we are a staple in our craft with a community that supports each other. From Amsterdam to worldwide. Some nice locations here and there and maybe even different concepts. In 5-10 years we want to Inspire and help others create.

• Do you see yourselves making Kip N Drip a fulltime job? Maybe even an spot of your own?
Kip ‘n drip started as an expression of us sharing good vibes by cooking. Having our own restaurant is definitely one of our goals. We have so many great ideas we are work- ing on, this really is something we want to do fulltime without a doubt.

• Was there a moment in your life that everything was a bit too much?
And how didyou recharge yourselves to get back to the hustle?
We all had our times where we felt down or lost in life. For some of us religion plays a big role in being more disciplined and recharged. Seeking out the conversation also helps a lot. Talking to people gives you more and different perspectives. We are really fortunate to have a great community and network of people who are positive and inspir- ing.

• Do you have any advice for people that tend to take up too much work and don’t find any time to chill and recharge?
Everyday is a chance to get to hustle but the truth is it does not always work. Focus on the things that matter is probably the most important advice we can give. It helps that we have each other so we can keep ourselves stay grounded. Nobody achieved some- thing by doing nothing, a good work ethic with time to kick up your feet and relax can bring endless of opportunities. Our best ideas came from just sitting down and chill. Don’t lose yourself by working toomuch, find the right balance to create memories with loved ones is the key.

• Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have certain role models?

Our number one role models are definitely our parents. They never gave up on us. Seeing where they come from and what they have been through gives us motivation and energy.

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