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Reebok Club C Legacy: Your Time. Your Legacy.

After the succes of the Reebok CL Legacy, Reebok continues their Legacy campaign with the Reebok Club C Legacy. Another icon revamped! Just like the CL Legacy, Reebok incorporated the same design language into the Club C Legacy with design elements like heel tabs, quarter panel overlays and shaping. The outcome is yet another progressive design: a technical sneaker that doesn’t move far from the tennis heritage of the Club C nor from the authenticity the brand stands for!

For the CL Legacy we made a cool video with the guys from Cereal ’N Chill and it was all about ‘Writing Your Own Legacy’. This time Reebok decided to go into a different direction: yes working on your Legacy is important but Reebok wants to show the importance of balancing the hustle with taking time out to recharge, switch off and look after yourself. Your Time, Your Legacy.

To tell this story we decided to contact the 20 year old Keanna Williams who is somewhat of a creative Jack-of-all-trades (hair stylist, fashion student, beginning art director, photographer). This name doesn’t do her justice though, everything she does, she does with full passion and dedication. We talked about how she juggles all aspects of life, takes time to switch off and recharge so she can put in a 110% when chasing her Legacy.

* Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you do and how did you started?

My name is Keanna Williams, I’m 20 years old and based in Utrecht. I am a hairstylist, fashion student and beginning art director. Currently I’m working as a design & art direction intern at Daily Paper. I started doing hair when I was around 14. I taught myself to braid, and practiced on friends and family members. After getting rejected to work at a grocery store in my neighborhood, I realized that I was able to make money with braiding. I started an instagram account, and started to braid a bunch of people in Utrecht and Amsterdam. About three years in, I did my first job as a hairstylist for a photoshoot. This shoot was for Daily Paper. At this point I had a lot of clients coming in for personal braiding, but after working on set for the first time, I found myself falling in love with Photoshoots. Recently I made the transition to do hairstyling for shoots only. I work mainly for magazines and fashion brands. Right now I’m in my last year of school for fashion design. I fell in love with art directing, and planning to fully commit to it once I get my degree, besides that I will keep doing hair until I don’t have the time to do it anymore.

* Walk us through an average day in your life.

To be honest, in my life every day is different. one week I might be working on a project, the other week I’m focussing on school assignments, after that I might have to do hair for a few shoots. Right now I’m in a time period where I have to finish a few projects, so in a week I have several meetings. Three times a week I’m at the Daily Paper Office, and in-between I usually have shoots. I guess that’s also one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. I get really excited by change and new things.


* How do you juggle between photography/hairstyling/Art Direction/Fashion Design School (and also friends/family/relationships). How do you keep balance between all these aspects of your life? And what do you do to recharge yourself?

That is something that I still try to figure out myself to be honest. I must say that I’m already getting better at finding a balance but I’m not where I want to be yet. I think what helps me the most is prioritizing tasks and comparing the importance of different things I need to do. Which stuff I have to finish in a small time frame? Which ideas can wait for a while? For instance; I used to do photography, but because I’m focussing more on art direction I decided to hold back on photography for a while. This way I have more room (also mentally) for the things that I find a priority at the moment. Another thing that helps me balance the things I do is ruling out all the other tasks I need to do once I focus on a project. I noticed that I lose focus and quality when I try to do everything at once. I’m a dreamer and I wonder a lot, so when I have several different things I need to do I often fail to focus on doing one thing properly. This is why I like to plan in time where I have to focus on one thing at the time. Instead of 10 different tasks in 1 week, I plan a different task for each day. For instance: monday- doing invoices , Tuesday-finishing a treatment, Wednesday- preparing hair for a shoot. Etc. Luckily I have beautiful friends and family who are very understanding and supportive. I tend to get lost in work once in a while, and they never take it personally when I’m not able to visit as often as I want to. I do want to make more effort to spend time with each one of them. I find myself feeling a bit guilty for not giving them the attention that they deserve. I’m a family orientated person, so this Is something I want to work on. Recharging is very important to me. It was the first lockdown that truly made me realize that. I still don’t do it as often as I want to, but once in a while it can be everything you need. In an ideal situation I leave the country, but short term recharging for me can be as simple as listening to music. Focussing on nothing more than the sounds that speak the most to you. Taking walks and reading books outside is also something that brings me peace of mind. Especially in the summer when the sun is present. When I want to recharge I try to just take in the surroundings and not focus on the things I need to finish in the future. Recharging is something that every body and spirit deserves, and it really helps me to find motivation and energy

* Do you see yourself focusing on one talent or do you keep on developing everything?

I would love to focus on strictly art direction eventually. The older I get, the more I realize where my passion lies and how I can achieve the most happiness career wise. I realized that everything I used to do in the past, has something to do with visualizing ideas. I used to dance, sing, paint and write when I was younger. Eventually I started doing hair, photography and design. When I look back, I notice that all of these things come together within art direction. I love everything that I do.  I do think that  the path that I chose is a bit chaotic and all over the place. Still I wouldn’t change it, because it gave me insight on several different aspects of art direction. back in the day I wanted to do everything myself, but I’m at a point now where I don’t necessarily have execute all the aspects myself, I just want to bring them together.

* Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? How has your legacy progressed?

Career wise I see myself traveling a lot with work. Meeting new cultures and working with people all over the world. My best friend Imani Selina is an artist, and I want to travel the world with her doing shows and shoots. One thing I really want to achieve is shooting a short movie/ mini doc on Grenada, the island where my family originated from. Our culture means a lot to me and I would love to shed an artistic light on the island that is so rich of greatness. In 5 years I see myself much more emotionally developed. Being more in tune with my feelings and knowing how to listen to myself and my body. I don’t think I can be very specific, just because I don’t know what life has planned for me. The only thing I know is that it is going to be filled with love, creativity and probably a bit of chaos.

* Was there a moment in your life that everything was a bit too much? And how did you recharge yourself to get back to the hustle?

Definitely. Before the first lockdown in March, I was very overworked without being aware of it. it was until being at home forced to stop working that I realized I had to take a big step back. Luckily I had all the time in the world to recharge, just like the rest of the world. I did this by reading, stretching, walking outside and enjoying the sun. The lockdown actually woke me up because I realized it took me a whole pandemic to take a step back. And since I’m still quite young and in the beginning of my career, I have to change this behavior now because it will only get worse in the future if I make a pattern out of this. Currently I’m forcing myself to have a few moments of rest from time to time, just like the lockdown did. That helps me get back to work and be more aware of my mental and physical state.

* Do you have any advice for people that tend to take up too much work and don’t find any time to chill and recharge?

Prioritize what matters the most at the moment, and leave the rest on hold. This can also mean prioritizing your mental state. work is nice, but at the end of the day you have to live with yourself and your personal state is the most important thing. Even if you have to let a few opportunities slide. Besides, you also deliver much better work when you’re energized and mentally stable. So it’s a win-win. Other cliche but important advice is: say no to things. Your free time does not equal your availability. It is ok to say ‘I am not available’ , and chill for the day. You do not owe anyone an explanation but yourself.

* Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have certain role models?

I find inspiration in the people around me and in myself. My identity is something I’m still figuring out, and that process is very inspirational to me. I feel like a lot of creatives are trying to find themselves and the different approaches to that process fascinate me. Another thing that speaks to me a lot is the Caribbean culture. Again, a piece of my identity, but too big to leave unsaid. My biggest role models are my parents. Their bond is something that Is so pure and beautiful to me. they encouraged me to explore my creativity and their support in every choice I made resulted in me being very confident about what I do. They proved to me that love overrules every obstacle, and that’s the reason why they are my role models.

* What is your opinion on the Reebok Club Legacy and how does it inspire you?

I like the sneakers. What speaks to me the most is the contrast of the classic leather with the contemporary sole of the shoe. a great mix between nostalgia and current trend!

Curious about the Reebok Club C Legacy?

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