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A warm welcome for Herschel Supply co.

A new collection by Herschel makes its debut with us. And not just one but five different styles. We decided to focus on a few outspoken but super minimalistic items. The styles Tour Small and Tour Medium are accompanied with Cruz, Seventeen Light and Fourteen – all releasing in simple but dope color ways. Perfect for you every day use! The styles such as Tour Small, Tour Medium and Seventeen Light are items from a special line of Herschel.

The Tour Small and Tour Medium.
The Tour Small and Tour Medium are constructed with water-resistant nylon. This model is featured in the Trail collection of Herschel. Although this pack is made for outdoor exploration, when worn differently it’ll give a new look. This pack can be worn around the waist but also as a crossbar over the shoulder for the urban look. This pack comes in three colors: Black, Kelp and Apricot Brandy. The difference between these two is only in the sizing. Are you planning the day for a festival? Tour Small is perfect!

Herschel Tour Small: “Black”
Style code: 10321-01174
Price: €45

Herschel Tour Small: “Kelp”
Style code: 10321-02519
Price: €45

Herschel Tour Small: “Apricot Brandy”
Style code: 10321-02524
Price: €45

Herschel Tour Medium: “Kelp”
Style code: 10335-02519
Price: €55

Herschel Tour Medium: “Apricot Brandy”
Style code: 10335-02524
Price: €55

Herschel Tour Medium: “Black”
Style code: 10335-01174
Price: €55

The Seventeen Light.
A bit bigger than other models is the Seventeen Light. Because of the front storage feature on this mode, it might bring you some nostalgic feelings since it looks like a 90’s fanny pack. The bag is made of a lightweight nylon and comes in three colors: Black, Moonstruck and Cameo Rose.

Herschel Seventeen Light: “Cameo Rose”
Style code: 10630-02465
Price: €35

Herschel Seventeen Light: “Moonstruck”
Style code: 10630-02466
Price: €35

Herschel Seventeen Light: “Black”
Style code: 10630-02469
Price: €35

The Cruz.
This small but sophisticated crossbody bag Cruz, is perfect for an everyday style. It features a removable clip-fastened strap, which allows you to swap to a clutch function. It has a two way zipper and an external storage sleeve. Two easy going and timeless Herschel colorways, Black and Kelp, are accompanied with two colors which are a bit crazy: Pink Lady and Brushstroke Camo.

Herschel Cruz: “Black”
Style code: 10510-00001
Price: €40

Herschel Cruz: “Pink Lady”
Style code: 10510-02452
Price: €40

Herschel Cruz: “Kelp”
Style code: 10510-02456
Price: €40

The Fourteen.
Last but not least is the Fourteen. Designed to keep you essentials organized and can be worn around the waist but also over the shoulder. Wearing a fanny pack this way is definitely a highly appreciated style. This bag is features a signature striped fabric and classic woven label. Releasing with us in three color ways: Black, Kelp and Brushstroke Camo

Herschel Fourteen: “Kelp”
Style code: 10514-02456
Price: €30

Herschel Fourteen: “Brushstroke Camo”
Style code: 10514-02460
Price: €30

Herschel Fourteen: “Black”
Style code: 10514-00001
Price: €30

All items of Herschel are now available on our webshop and in store!
Models @jxsh_c_w, @manusiwa and @gennitoo


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