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Copenhagen’s finest: Le Fix

Le Fix was founded in 1999 by Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm – three guys who share a love for art, tattoos and clothing. The initial idea for Le Fix was to form a solid group of artists and designers who created a space with creative freedom. Its a space where they could push their artistic potential together and individually between the fine line of fashion and art.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the brand now owns two stores (Nørrebro and Kronprinsensgade) carrying their Le Fix collections but also brands who fit their circle of subcultures, art and street style. Le Fix is mostly inspired by the city’s street culture, which brings us to the fact that Le Fix also operates from two tattoo shops, an art gallery (which is located on the second floor of one of the stores) and a wood workshop. The mutual understanding of art and clothing brings people together.

We proudly introduce our Le Fix editorial to you, shot at a local and well known cafe amongst Amsterdammers “De Poort”. In our opinion we find this collection very fitting to the current street style in Amsterdam. The branding is different on each product but equally balanced between big branding and small logos. Looking at this collection, the colors are fitted to each other. A nice black track suit is one of them, combined with a black and white striped long sleeve: which has a red stripe and “Le Fix” branding on the back. The track jacket and track pants are both also featured with this branding. The jacket on the chest and the pants on the back of the left leg.

Never just for profit but always for the love of the game.
— Le Fix

The vibe Le Fix settles here ticks off something British and even Italian. The combination with the slick pantalon is really dope and lets you stay open to all kind of creative fits. The bordeaux pullover has a vintage Le Fix branding on the chest. The pantalon has a small black Le Fix logo.

The beige vest is combined with two logos of Le Fix. One of them is small and located on the chest, while the other is an all over monogram. The combination brings luxury to the vest. The pantalon had a small black Le Fix logo.

Special thanks to Cafe “De Poort”
Model: Jay Vida


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