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Black Friday Winner: Isa takes it all!

We started the announcement of Black Friday with a dope contest. A white Air Max 1 was hung above a bucket with black paint and you could sign in with your name for a chance to cut the laces of the pair. What most people didn’t know, those who entered the contest were given an early access to our discount code! But that wasn’t the best thing about the contest. You could win a 2500 euro voucher! The sneaker dropped a few days ago and along came a winner: Congrats Isa!

Today Isa came by our store in Amsterdam to pick up her price (our new giftcard) and we had a little chat with her!

What went through your mind when you won?
To be honest, at first I didn’t believe it. I saw my name on the screen but I only entered my first name and not my last name. So I thought: “Okay, maybe its someone who has the same name”. But I was really happy to see the email in my inbox!

So you jumped in the sky of happiness at home?
Well at work! We all entered the contest together!

How many times did you try to cut the scissors?
Haha, I actually thought: “I can try another email later” but that wasn’t needed anymore.

Did you have a certain tactic to play?
Not really. We checked the contest when it came live in the morning and realized it wouldn’t drop straight away. Also the queue was long so we decided to leave it for a bit. Eventually we just all entered because why not.

Do you enter contests a lot?
No, I wouldn’t repost anything in order to win something. I really liked your contest, it was cool!

Are you going to spend it all at once or just take your time on it?
All in once, I don’t know if I can do that haha. I do want to have some left for new upcoming releases.

What do sneakers mean to you?
They are really comfortable, basically the main reason why I wear it and I’m also allowed to wear it to work! So far, I’m really into sneakers and already have a nice collection.

Imagine, if you could only wear 1 sneaker for the rest of your life. What would it be?
This is hard! It’s definitely Nike. When it comes to a model, I can’t decide. I don’t really have 1 favorite.

We congratulate Isa with the win. She already left the store with two new purchases!
The Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Particle Beige and the Air Force 1 ’07 PRM LX Faded Spruce are added to her collection!

We want to thank everyone who entered the contest!


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